January month in review

Paras Nath Chaudhary · February 1, 2020

Philipp Hansch’s blog inspired me to write monthly reviews. I want to take this as an opportunity to take a look back at the month and look forward to the next month so that I can learn from my past and make the future better. I believe it will be a moment for me to reflect on my own activities.

I will write the monthly review by organizing it in three sections. The first section will be ‘what went well?’ where I will be listing what activities went well the last month. The next section will be ‘what could have been improved?’. This is the section where I evaluate the activities I performed and see where I could have done better and what went wrong. It will also be a section to have a takeaway from the month gone. The final section would be ‘For next month’ where I want to share what I want to achieve in the next month. So, let’s get started.

What went well?

This year started pretty well. January was a month with a ton of excitement. I had a lot of learnings. This month I performed the following activities.

What could have been improved?

  • Fix the sleep schedule
  • Focus more on the studies during the exams instead of procrastinating and watching movies
  • Improve writing skills

For next month

For the next month, February, I plan to do the following activities:

  • Learn about e-mail marketing
  • Learn to use active voice instead of passive voice in my technical writings
  • Attend final exam of Masters in Computer Science (Second Semester)

Keep an eye for the next month’s monthly review here.

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