Using custom fonts with flutter app

Paras Nath Chaudhary · January 10, 2020

The default fonts in the flutter application are great. However, if we want to have custom fonts in the app, we can do that pretty easily. It’s pretty easy to use. First of all, download the .ttf files of the fonts and add them to the ‘fonts’ directory inside your flutter project. The directory structure should be like:

 - android/
 - build/
 - fonts/
 - ios/
 - lib/

Now that you have added the font files to the project, update the pubspec.yaml file as follows:

  - family: NameOfFont
      - asset: fonts/NameOfFont.ttf
      - asset: fonts/NameOfFont-Black.ttf
  - family: NameOfSecondFont
      - asset: fonts/NameOfSecondFont.ttf

Now that the fonts are added, we can set a font as the default font for the whole app by adding the following line to MaterialApp

theme: ThemeData(
  fontFamily: 'NameOfFont'

If you want to use it to a specific widget, you can do as follows:

  'Text with custom font',
  style: TextStyle(fontFamily: 'NameOfFont'),

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